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League Bylaws


2. Game: Eight Ball: A game in which one player must pocket the solid balls from 1 to 7, and his opponent must pocket the striped balls from 9 to 15. The 8 Ball is pocketed last and is the GAME BALL.

3.   Forfeit time: 30 minutes from scheduled start time. Once the match is started the matches are continuous

4.  .Lag: All matches will lag to determine the breaking player

5.Break: Must be shot from behind the head string, contact the rack no further back than the third ball, and drive 4 balls from the rack to a rail or pocket a ball. No determination of object balls is made until a ball is [must be a called pocket shot] legally pocketed. All shots must be gentleman�s call. The table is "open" after the break. If the breaking player pockets a ball on the break the player will continue by calling the next ball. If he or she pockets the ball this will determine their (stripes or solids) balls. Play will continue until the player misses a called shot or scratches.

6. Called shots: All shots are called pocket shots except the break. This must be loud and clear enough for the opposing player to understand.

7. Ball in hand fouls: The cue ball is always �live�. Any contact with cue ball is a foul (except legal shot). A legal shot is a completed called pocket shot, or contacting your ball first and then any ball striking a rail. The 8 ball is not neutral. Scratching on the break will be ball in hand behind the head string for the incoming player.

A:           Pocketing the cue   B:           Anytime you fail to make contact with your group of balls first

C:           Anytime cue is driven to the floor     D:           Interfering with the cue after stroke

E:           Double hitting cue   F:           Failure to have one foot on floor when shooting

8.Coaching: All players are entitled to have two time outs per game. The captain, coach, or the player may call for a time out. Only the coach may talk with the player. Time outs will not exceed 2 minutes( exceeding the time limit is subject to the sportsmanship violation). The chosen coach must remain the coach for that player�s match. Advice during a shot from anyone other than the coach will result in a sportsmanship violation. Only the player may touch the cue ball. If anyone else contacts the cue it is a ball in hand foul.

9. Sportsmanship violations: any aggressive behavior, intimidation, illegal coaching, etc.

                       a: warning     b: ball in hand for opponent    c: loss of game   d: loss of match

10. Fighting: This will not be tolerated. Any one fighting will be subject to suspension from league. This will include a forfeiture of privileges and prizes.

     11. Gambling: there will be no gambling on games.

12. Winning: a: The 8 is made on the break and no fouls occurred. b:Player pockets their balls and legally pockets the 8.

13. Losing: a: Early 8 [pocketed out of turn]  b: Scratch committed on the 8-ball shot c: 8ball is pocketed and a foul has occurred  d: Exception: not hitting the 8-ball and contacting rail will result in ball in hand for incoming player . f: breaking down the cue during the game is a forfeit of that game only not the match. G. 8 ball on floor is a loss H. Contact with a moving 8 ball by the player in any way will be a loss of game.

14.  New players: All new players will start at a 4-skill level the first match they play. If both shooters are non-rated the match will be a race to 4. In a rated vs. nonrated match use the chart on the score sheet.

15.Playoffs: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and a wild card team (luck of the draw from the remaining teams). These teams must be in good standing with league. This means all memberships must be paid in full by wk 6 and all dues paid in full by last wk of season. All makeup games need to be rescheduled within 2 wks. of original match and completed by the 12th week and paid for prior to the last week of season. Any violation on this point and teams involved will be disqualified from playoffs and forfeit any prize money. New players need 6 matches to play in playoffs; veteran players need 4 played in current season.

16. Dues: Weekly dues are $30.00 PER TEAM. All matches are paid matches (this includes forfeits and makeup's) with the exception of byes.

17. Dropouts: Any team dropping out will forfeit all rights to cash, prizes, and awards. Same teams may be subject to Penalties upon their return.

18. Memberships: memberships must be paid within 6 wks. from starting date of season. $20 per player annually / captains membership will be paid by league when the teams memberships are paid. When dues are paid the shirts will be delivered to the team. If memberships are not paid by wk 6 the captain�s membership will not be paid for by the ECPL

19. Team Limit: Handicap limit per night is 24 if you do not achieve 24 or less with 5 players then you can shoot 4 for 21 and forfeit the 5th match (also 3 for 18 and forfeit match 4 & 5) . If you exceed 24 you will lose all 5 matches. 

20. Survival :No players can be added after wk6 unless you do the following:(you can one time per season only) up to 12th wk. and needs league operator approval. If a team drops below 6 players they can add back to 6 players. The added players will be 4's or less or new shooters. Dues must be paid immediately. Any attempt to add a sandbagger will result in player being suspended subject to review board decision.

21. Dropped Balls: If a ball should fall off the table and neither player caused it to move the ball will be returned to the spot it fell from.

22. Bonus Point: to get your bonus point you must fill out paperwork completely, enclose $30 weekly fee and return the      envelopes back to the drop off bar by 1:00 pm second day after the match.



Pool Terms

1     BalI in Hand: The cue is in hand when shot into a pocket, forced off table, interfered with, bumped, failure to hit one of your balls first, failure to pocket a ball or drive a ball to the rail after legal contact, the incoming player places the cue any where on the table. The cue is �live� and while being placed on the table any contact with the other balls on the table by the cue will result in a ball in hand for the opponent. You may move the cue ball with the cue stick shaft or ferrule but any contact with the tip at any time will be considered a shot.

2.        Legal hit: Hitting one of your group of balls first and any ball then striking a rail or any ball is pocketed

3.        Legal Shot: sinking the ball you called in the called pocket with a legal hit.

4.        Split shot: a player may strike balls simultaneously in call shot pool provided the player calls both the ball and the pocket. Split shots  will go to the shooter to avoid arguments. If  a shot will be questionable pick a referee to call it.

5.     Break: opening shot in game

6.     Breaker: Player who shoots opening shot.

7.     Called Ball: The ball a player announces he will sink.

8.     Called pocket: the pocket, into which a player announces he will sink.

9.     Double kiss: when the cue rebounds from the object ball into the cue tip. [ball in hand foul]

10.     Foul stroke: a foul in which the foul takes place as a result of the players stroke, such as double contact of the cue tip with the cue ball [two separate strokes].

11.     Frozen: When a ball is touching the cushion it is said to be frozen. The ball must be declared frozen before the shot.

12.   Jump shot: A jump shot is executed by elevating the butt of the cue and strikes the cue in the center or above center, the shot is legal. if however the player digs under the ball, causing the ball to jump, the shot is a foul.

13.   Jumped balls: If an object ball has jumped off the table it is spotted. If it was the eight ball it is loss of game.

14.   Lagging: Both players simultaneously stroke an object ball down to the end of the table and back to the head rail. The player who comes closest to the head rail will be the breaker. If an object ball should hit a side rail or be pocketed this will constitute a loss of the lag.

15.     Safety: also known as defense shot. Must hit one of your object balls and then contact a rail. Failure to do this will result in a ball in band.

16.     Sand bagger: Player who intentionally shoots below their ability for the purpose of lowering or maintaining a low handicap average. This is a form of cheating. The review board will deal with cheaters.

17.     Open Table: Any combination is legal on an open table except starting with the eight ball. You still need to call what's going to be pocketed.

18.     Bumped balls: Any object ball that is accidentally bumped by the shooter will be returned to its original position

19.     Byes: Are 3 points and no fees are due.

20.     Forfeits:  A no show by the opposing team is 5 points and $30 weekly team fee must be paid to receive 5 points.


Who�s responsible for what:

Bar Owners: The owners are responsible for:

1.     The $25.00 per team registration fee to be paid at the beginning of each season

2.     To see that the pool table is in good condition (level, no rips or holes etc)

3.     That the table is reserved for the teams the night of a scheduled home game. This would include a 1-hr practice time before start of the match. (1/2 hr. home team 1/2 hr. away team)

4.     To have found a responsible captain for their team

5.     Food for the teams is optional

6.     Table fees and dues and membership fees are optional also

7.     Post schedules where teams can find them


Team captains: Captains responsibilities include:

1.     Collecting $30.00 from team each week no matter how many play the weekly fee is $30.00

2.       Collecting the annual membership dues of $20 per player and turning it over to the league by your 6th week of play.

3.       Maintaining proper behavior for all members of your team.

4.       Knowing and enforcing the rules correctly( all players must be 21 yrs of age and older and have photo ID at all times)

5.       Filling out score sheets fully and correctly. Any attempt to intentionally misrepresent the games or innings  will be considered cheating and will result in both teams players each being raised one skill level.

6.     Making sure your team arrives on time Forfeit time is 30 minutes from scheduled start time.

7.     Making sure your team leaves a $5.00 tip for bartender

8.     Picking up and dropping off of envelopes in a timely fashion.

9.        Disseminating league information to your team in a timely fashion

10. Attending all meetings or have one member of your team present.

Higher Level rules: Finals in divisional's and all higher level tournaments. 1 timeout per game for all handicaps. Players will be separated from teams and any conversation during each game with the players will count as a time out. Show respect for your fellow players. Sharking is not respectable and has no place in this league.